Sports Psychology and Clinical Psychology News for 06-16-2019

The Social Psychology of Crowds

Trading Psychology: Think Like a Professional Betfair Trader

You can have the best Betfair trading strategies in the world but, if you can’t stay in control, then you’re going to struggle to hold onto your profits. If you’re not going to patiently wait for the right trading opportunities, then you’re simply going to give your money to a trader who does. Kevin Laverick is the best Betfair trader I have ever come across, but when he first started trading he lost £40,000. Professional traders think differently from most other traders. There’s something positive in literally everything you do – good and bad – so focus on that and your trading psychology will become closer to that of a professional trader. 

Every trader has losses, but losing does not make you a loser – it makes you a trader. The best trading psychology books are centred around the stock market rather than Betfair trading. Trading psychology is the same whether you’re logging into a betting exchange each day or a financial trading platform. With such growth in the betting exchange space over the past few years, I’m surprised that there are no Betfair trading books which cover trading psychology at anything more than a basic level. Here are a few of the best trading books to read if you’re interested in working on your own trading psychology – and you should be! 

Exclusive Team Stats and a Live Stats Module that make trading very quick and easy.16 profitable trading strategies with daily selections. An exclusive area for advanced traders, where you get to master the psychology of trading. 

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Dan Abrahams: Meet the leading sports psychologist working with AFC Bournemouth and the England rugby team to give them a winning mentality

The British sports psychologist works with The Cherries, helped Carlton Cole get an England call-up and prepared the England rugby team for battle. Dan Abrahams is one Britain’s leading psychologists, helping the world’s best athletes achieve peak performance in a multitude of sports. The 40-year-old Londoner has used his practices with many footballers and is currently working alongside Bournemouth and the England rugby team. While he’s not willing to discuss Eddie Howe and Eddie Jones’ men specifically, he can reveal the secrets to his success in mentoring players’ minds. Dan’s previous breakthroughs include instilling belief in Carlton Cole who went on to represent England after working with him in 2008. 

Dan revealed what it is that’s going through the brain of a player lacking confidence and how he allays their fears through motivational techniques. Dan left golf behind, registered as a sports psychologist in 2006 because he wanted to specialize in lots of sports. Dan’s work continued to earn him plaudits and his client-list grew. You can work in the medical department and support injured players. Psychology within sport works on a subtle basis, according to Dan who shared what a player thinks about when he isn’t playing well. 

He insists, though they’re not psychologists themselves, they have to have the skills to communicate with their players. Footballers like Aaron Lennon, Clarke Carlisle and Rio Ferdinand have highlighted the pressures they’ve been under while playing. 

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England’s Football Psychology.

Development of Football Psychology has helped England players seem happier and more grounded – and much of the credit goes to sports psychologist Pippa Grange. The England Team’s Football Psychology and Positive Mindset; how to focus on the positives. We nearly made the final, some achievement! I’m not a fan of football pundits or commentators, particularly the latter. The resiliency of the England Football Team was there for all to see in their developed football Psychology, we could witness it in their body language, communication, teamwork and calmness on the pitch. 

The team have had the benefit development in their football psychology through working with sports psychologist Pippa Grange who was introducing positive mental attitude and resilience strategies, amongst others, in her sessions with the players. For that you need a Football Psychologist and Business Psychology follows similar rules. There are identifiable characteristics that relate to mental toughness within football. To make mental toughness effective it is also proposed that the footballer sets continuous process and performance related goals. How to Have a Positive Mindset in Business by using Football Psychology. 

With these big advances in football psychology, 2022 could well be England’s year! Health and Nutrition are also an important component of performance both in football and everyday business. See this article here by Goal Nation on what player’s should eat after a Football match. 

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The Psychology of Football

Maybe Knute Rockne said it best, Football is a game played with arms, legs, and shoulders but mostly from the neck up. Every coach is trying to get an edge on the mental side of football. Most psychologists say focusing on simple goals can lead a player to identify and seize more opportunities. Jared Wood is a sports psychology consultant in Southeast Michigan and has been writing the Coach to Coach column for a few months. In addition to schemes, checks, and reads that are completely mental, the mental side of the game also has a lot to do with how we react physically and emotionally. 

Any mental hesitation or confusion results in physical hesitation. Emotions such as fear and anxiety, which are harmful to physical play, need to be dealt with using mental techniques, such as imagery, self-talk, goals, and confidence building techniques. Sport psychologists teach these techniques, and we have our work cut out for us with the complexity of football. The first is that the football player is a human being who has a life outside of football. Whether the player is a youth, professional, or any level in between, players bring personalities and personal issues into the game. 

To coach a player to his potential, a coach must understand the person, not just the player. It creates fear, which is bad for effective football execution, and it brings all kinds of attention to the mistake, even forcing players who didnt make the mistake to focus on it. 

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