5 Ways to Cope with Holiday or Financial Stress

I hope you are having a nice holiday! Today I have prepared a theme with 5 ways to cope with the holiday or financial stress we might find ourselves in these days. Consider the following 5 activities to help survive the psychological, economic, or family turmoil of our times:

Seek Information and Greater Knowledge

In these difficult economic times, you might be feeling more stress lately, especially when combined with the holidays. Coping with it all is truly a challenge and sometimes articles and information can help greatly. Here are two great articles that will help balance you again and you can find many more at the site:
(a) Click Here
(b) Click Here

Attend a Workshop or Seminar

Please let me know if you can possibly join Ed Tseng and I as we present a half-day sports psychology workshop in Princeton, New Jersey on February 21, 2009. If you can possibly make it and I’ll provide you with further details. We’ll tailor our talks some to dealing with this general stress and angst many of us feel.

Join a Social Group or Network

There are currently 65 members in my Facebook group and I invite you to join at no charge. The group is currently up to 65 and you can see all the other members and interact with them when you sign up at: Click Here (or just search for John F Murray’s High Performance Psychology)

Visit a Museum or Look at other Art

Looking at fine art or treasure is another great way to reduce stress. For example, I love the mechanical precision and historical significance of watches. In fact, these 5 watches are being auctioned and are closing soon but still available from my main page on ebay at: ebay page

–1947 Elgin Deluxe wristwatch awarded and incribed to the winning coach of the 1947 East West Shrine Game, George H. Sauer, who was later involved in the NFL. Auction ends in less than 24 hours!
–1955 Bulova wristwatch awarded and inscribed to Pee Wee Reese for his Brooklyn Dodgers World Series win over the New York Yankees.
–1976 Movado Zenith Surf World Series wristwatch awarded and inscribed to former Major League Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn.
–1973 Swiss Gruen Precision wristwatch awarded and inscribed to famous sports broadcaster Red Barber.
–1923 Illinois pocket watch. Again, find all 5 watches at: Click Here … and let me know if you have any questions.

Become an Even More Frivolous Sports Fan!

Along with your hard work, it helps to allowing your sports fan face and enthusiasm to show even more. In my corner of the world and orientation, the chant is “Go Dolphins” and “Go Gators!” You probably have your own teams whether you live in the USA or somewhere else. Shout it out!

I hope these 5 activities of (1) reading, (2) attending workshops, (3) joining a group, (4) looking at art, or (5) being even more of a fan will help you cope just a little bit more in these times of stress or distress. Of course, if this does not help, have you considered counseling in person or by phone? I’m always here for you, just call 561-596-9898.


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