Jan 28, 2007 – For Immediate Release

Indianapolis Colts Victory in Super Bowl XLI Auctioned on e-Bay

Miami, FL — January 28, 2007 — Sport psychologist Dr. John F. Murray’s ( Mental Performance Index (MPI) data indicates that the Indianapolis Colts are a far superior team to the Chicago Bears entering the 2007 Super Bowl XLI. As such, Murray has begun an acution on e-Bay to offer for bidding a Colts victory document for Super Bowl XLI. The winner of the auction will be provided a one page report showing precisely why the Colts were a stronger team and superior to the Bears on all seven categories of the MPI.

The bidding for this document is intended to contribute to the excitement of the Super Bowl and the awareness of mental skills in sports. Should the Colts not win this game for any reason, the auction winner will be provided a 100% refund. “This is all in serious fun, based on a serious system which has been used to analyze every play in the NFL playoffs,” says Dr. Murray. “Scoring includes mental factors such as pressure management, execution, and reduction of careless errors.”

While the Mental Performance Index (MPI) is a serious system that involves Dr. Murray’s review of every play in the playoffs, Dr. Murray never claims that he can predict the outcome of any game in sports, and he does not endorse any kind of gambling or betting on football or other sports. His mission is to show how important mental factors are in sports, and in this case football, as he believes coaches and fans often mistakingly downgrade the importance of mental training, mental factors, and counseling in enhancing performance and well being in sports. “The MPI’s accuracy is its best testimony” says Dr. Murray.

Dr. Murray is available for interviews and more information can be found at Bidding starts at $1 and the auction begins on Sunday January 28 at 11:30 EST and ends at the same time on Super Bowl Sunday.

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