Oct 23, 2007 – BigMouthFan.com – Just goes to show you that money and big time professional coaches for mega sports teams that are worth fortunes and are famous does not make you smart…here it is in a nutshell..McNabb is mediocre at best and gets his receivers brutalized by throwing passes over their heads and behind them..just ask the tight end who had his head knocked off because of the errant high pass in the end zone that Jeff Garcia would have made look easy…the prevent defense put in by Jim Johnson prevented a win..he should be accountable for that.., right now Reid is taking the heat for that which is not fair…drafting Kolb was a message not to be overlooked but the mistake was not keeping Garcia…tell the truth, would you rather have Garcia and T.O. or McNabb and Reggie Brown…also, Reid as the GM is very scary…that’s all for now folks..

Also, check out this guest Blog from Harry on Andy Reid: Andy Reis Sons Need A Full-Time Father, Not A Full-Time Coach by Harry

Who should Andy Reid attempt to save, his 2 “ 3 Eagles or his sons Garrett and Britt? Both the Eagles and Reid’s sons are at a crossroad. And quite frankly, I could give two shits about the Eagles given the circumstances the Reid brothers are in. Garret, 24 joined his brother Britt, 22, behind bars for not appearing for a court-ordered drug test on Monday, October 15, 2007. It was a miscommunication, said Garretts attorney. Garret could not find a ride to his drug test. Yeah, right, and I cant find my way to the bathroom when I gotta piss. Pursuant to his parole conditions, hes prohibited from driving. Britt Reid has been in jail since August 24, 2007 for violating conditions of his release. Ironically, both Britt and Garrett are in the same Montgomery County jail, presumably in different cells.

Garrett pleaded guilty to drug and traffic charges when he seriously injured Louise Hartmen in a car accident on January 30, 2007. Garrett admitted using heroin early that day. Is it a coincidence on the same day of Garretts car accident, Britt was involved in a road-rage infraction in which he allegedly waved a handgun at another driver? Britt faces charges of carrying a firearm without a license, lying to authorities, simple assault, terrorist threats and possession of a controlled substance. On August 24, Britt crashed his truck into a shopping cart and failed a sobriety test administered by the police. The new charges are for driving under the influence, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Its my responsibility; I have to do a better job, coach Reid often states after an Eagles loss. Why shouldnt the same standard apply to Reid’s family, perhaps an even higher standard? Why is coach Reid spending countless hours around the clock trying to mend his football team while his two kids need mending, are in jail and addicted to drugs? Regardless of preparation, films watched, coaches meetings, adjustments, hours spent developing a playbook, and time spent at the office, you’re going to lose football games. No coach is perfect, no player is perfect, no parent is perfect and no child is perfect. As head coach and Vice President of Football Operations for the Eagles, the demands and stress of the job have taken its toll on both coach Reid and his family. Is there a price to pay for the fame and fortune of being a head coach in the NFL? Are NFL coaches able to commit quality time to both their family and team? The NFLs collective bargaining agreement with the players set limits on the times and hours players can practice. Therefore, why shouldnt the NFL set limits on the hours a coach can work during the week? Tony Dungys 18 year old son committed suicide and Bill Belichicks son was arrested for alleged marijuana possession. Bill Cowher from Pittsburgh resigned, in part to spend more time with his wife and three daughters. Many coaches have a history of health problems such as Joe Gibbs who retired after the 1992 season suffering through dizziness, exhaustion and sleeplessness as he slept in his office. Mike Ditka and Bill Parcells have heart problems, Ray Rhodes has had a problem with strokes, Andy Reid battles with his weight, and former St. Louis coach Mike Martz was hospitalized for endocarditis. Dick Vermeil was burned out when he retired from the Eagles. Are NFL coaches and their families in peril?

Reid is a full-time devoted coach with many accolades. He needs to be a full-time parent to his kids. On February 12, 2007 coach Reid took a five week leave of absence during the off season from the Eagles. Since then both Garrett and Britt ended up in jail. His leave of absence didnt work and like a coach when something doesnt work you try something else. The Eagles are off to one of the worst starts in the Reid era and the coach devotes his full-time energies to turning his team into a winner. Does Reid walk away from the losing record or does he work harder? His family needs him to work harder, not at the office, but in his home. Garrett and Britt, like many of the Eagles players, are young adults who are responsible for their actions but who often have troubles on and off the football field and in and out of their homes. The fact that they are young adults does not absolve coaches and parents from committing to help their offspring. Youre a parent for life and a coach for part of your life. Is Reid there for his football players when they come to him with problems? Tough love is not working for the Reid brothers and perhaps a full-time father is not the answer. But like a football coach you owe it to your team to try different techniques to maximize your success. Andy Reid has not tried to maximize his success as a father. Coaches somehow perceive mental coaching and counseling as weakness. The truth is that NFL coaches are afraid of change. As strong and as tough as they supposedly are, this is sad and ironic. Their controlling natures make them very weak and in this way they lack toughness, states sports psychologist, Dr. John F. Murray in an article referring to coaches unwilling to seek out sports psychologists for their team. Perhaps Andy Reid is unwilling to change as he rationalizes his position of continuing to coach on foxsports.com, The only thing Ive learned throughout this whole thing is that Im not alone in dealing with family issues. There are people who own businesses, run corporations, and they have problems too but dot walk away. Everyone has family or personal issues, but they dont quit their jobs.

Andy Reid has won five division titles, four trips to the NFC Championship game, a 2004 NFC Championship, a Super Bowl appearance, two time NFL coach of the year honors, and most wins as an Eagle head coach. He’s a multi-millionaire who could afford to take a leave of absence and begin to apply his coaching methods to his family crisis. In lieu of making calls about the availability of other teams’ players, make calls about therapists, drug and alcohol rehabs, lawyers and any resources that could facilitate and help his kids. In lieu of visiting with players and coaches in your office, visit your kids in jail every day. In lieu of going on road trips with the team, take the family on trips. Apply the same obsessive traits for success youve had on the football field, to your family and their crisis. Love your family full-time, not your team. You cant have both. Im sure Andy Reid wife and Andy have been involved in this process, but like Reid has said, Its my responsibility; Ive got to do a better job. Like football, you adapt, you make adjustments. There are no guarantees in life and certainly Andy Reid cannot be blamed for both his kids being in jail and addicted to drugs. But he can be blamed for committing to coaching the Eagles full-time in lieu of attempting to resolve his family crises on a full-time basis.

Before Garrett was jailed on October 15, Reid was quoted for a story on foxsports.com: The only way I dont finish up coaching this year is if I die. I dont think coach Reid is going to die, but his two sons are certainly headed in that direction. My thoughts and prayers are with Andy Reid and his two sons Garrett and Britt. This story has hit a personal nerve as I have a son who is the same age as Britt. I know what I would do in this situation. Apparently, Andy does not agree with me.

Dr. John F. Murray is a sports psychologist and clinical psychologist providing sports psychology and counseling services based in Palm Beach, Florida.