The News-Press (Fort Myers, FL) – Jan 2, 2001 – Betsy Clayton – Lee County is one of 110 communities nationwide that will receive money for the U.S. Tennis Association’s fourth year of its growth campaign.

The five-year national plan is a $50 million commitment to boost tennis participation.

Called the USA Tennis Plan for Growth, it brought 250,000 players to courts this year.

Lee County tennis pros have helped with free or low-cost clinics, lessons and after-school programs.

The new money – the amount of which is yet to be announced – will go to local USA Tennis 1-2-3 and USA Tennis programs.

The 1-2-3 program is a series of six low-cost, introductory group lessons. Team Tennis organizes matches for children and adults.

“Tennis participation is on the rise. TV ratings and attendance in the pro game are up considerably. Racket sales are up, and ball sales have increased for seven straight quarters,” said USTA executive director Rick Ferman.

Several other Florida communities will be involved in the program.

In other tennis news:

Why not set some goals for your tennis game this year?

Setting goals is a sure-fire way to improve your tennis, said John F. Murray, sports psychologist and author of “Smart Tennis: How to Play and Win the Mental Game.”

“Tennis players usually perform better and give a better effort when they have a smart plan in place for both short- and long-term improvement,” Murray told Tennis magazine.

Murray offered the following steps:

Set short-, intermediate- and long-term goals.

*Set detailed and specific goals (approach the net five more times in the next set), rather than vague ones (just do your best).

Set a deadline for completing the goal.

Always give a complete effort, but remain flexible to adjust the goal as needed.

Set performance goals (what to do), as well as outcome goals (reaching the semifinals), but place 90 percent of your focus and energy on achieving the performance goal.

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