’74 Dolphins Lead After Eight Weeks of Super Bowl Study

Palm Beach, FL – April 19, 2007 – After eight weeks of studying every play in Super Bowl history from 1967-1974, the 1974 Miami Dolphins have emerged as both the “most dominant team” and the “best performing team” owing to their .580 to .421 defeat of the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl VIII on a “Mental Performance Index” (MPI) statistic which measures how closely a team came to perfection in a game. A review of all MPI statistics, reports and videos can be found from links at the bottom of

This study has been called “The Super Bowl of Super Bowls” since every Super Bowl team is competing with every other team to determine which team was the overal best performing and most dominant team. Also targeted in the study are questions and analyses about questions such as keys in winning and losing. For example, the study will test the traditional belief that defense wins Super Bowls. Perhaps this is merely a myth and perhaps it is true. Perhaps offense, special teams, or overall pressure play is more important, and this study will show it.

This Super Bowl of Super Bowls was made possible by developing a unique and accurate scoring system. The MPI system standardizes performance (on a scale of .000 to 1.000 to allow cross-decade comparisons) and incorporates mental factors in the scoring to arrive at a more accurate estimate of performance.

Team “dominance” is determined by subtracting a losing team’s Total MPI Score from the winning team’s Total MPI Score. In order of dominance using this approach, the leaders after the first eight Super Bowls are: (1) Miami 1974; (2) Kansas City 1970; (3) Dallas 1972; (4) NY Jets 1969; (5) Green Bay 1967; (6) Green Bay 1968; (7) Miami 1973; (8) Baltimore 1971.

Team “performance” is calculated purely by the Total MPI Score of the team in question. The best performing teams so far after eight games are: (1) Miami 1974; (2) Kansas City 1970; (3) Green Bay 1967; (4) Green Bay 1968; (5) NY Jets 1969; (6) Dallas 1972; (7) Miami 1973; and (8) Baltimore 1971.

A summary of the “Total MPI Score” for each team for the first eight games is given below. MPI Super Bowl statistics are given in parentheses for each team:

VIII—Jan. 13, 1974—Miami 24 (.580), Minnesota 7 (.421)
VII— Jan. 14, 1973—Miami 14 (.511), Washington 7 (.485)
VI—–Jan. 16, 1972—Dallas 24 (.538), Miami 3 (.445)
V—– Jan. 17, 1971—Baltimore 16 (.469), Dallas 13 (.471)
IV—- Jan. 11, 1970—Kansas City 23 (.549), Minnesota 7 (.409)
III—- Jan. 12, 1969—N.Y. Jets 16 (.543), Baltimore 7 (.457)
II—– Jan. 14, 1968—Green Bay 33 (.547), Oakland 14 (.466)
I—— Jan. 15, 1967—Green Bay 35 (.548), Kansas City 10 (.464)

The study will continue every week until December when all the statistics will be reviewed.

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