Aug 17, 2006 – A new feature at helps you connect with lost friends from your past! We got the idea from a national computers and internet expert.

Here is how it works:

Think of someone you would like to contact from your past whom you’ve unfortunately lost track of. Send an email to: with the name of that person, place they were from and time-frame, your name, and your email address. It’s that easy!

Your information will be posted on which gets considerable web traffic. Since everyone searches for their own name, they will eventually find their name on this page and know you are looking for them. When they contact this website, you will be provided your surprise, the contact information of a friend from your past!

Dr. Murray has kicked it off by listing a few past friends in the new section which can be found

The quest for excellence and curiosity about sport and performance psychology is the mission at Why not make your experience on this site even more fun by re-connecting with someone from your past?

Send your email today!

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