PSYCHOLOGIST SELLS IDEA ON EBAY – Dec 8, 2005 – Ina Steiner – Sport performance psychologist John F. Murray auctioned the idea of “Confidence” on eBay. Bidding opened at $10, and after fifteen bids this idea sold for $250. The winner is a recreational tennis player in New York. She will receive one hour of mental coaching by Dr. Murray.

“I had a hunch this would draw some attention since so many are beginning to recognize the value of confidence and mental training. The auction testified to broad-based interest,” said Dr. Murray, who has coached some of the top athletes in the world. “The public response justified my hunch.”

The auction was started to demonstrate public and professional interest in training the brain. “We’ve gone almost as far as we can go physically, but mental training is a territory with unlimited potential for improvement in business, sports, or life,” said Murray, who has spoken on this topic on numerous talk shows.

Other unusual items that have been listed on eBay include someone’s soul, someone’s virginity, and a house complete with a wife.

Licensed Psychologist and Sports Psychologist Dr John F. Murray

Dr. John F. Murray is a sports psychologist and clinical psychologist providing sports psychology and counseling services based in Palm Beach, Florida.