May 24, 2007 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Reality Literature Achieves Editor’s Award for Online Excellence. May be the start of a new genre in nonfiction

Pam Beach, FL — May 25, 2007 — I’m excited to report that the 2007 Goal Setting Project was just presented an editor’s award for online excellence by The Morning News. Super teamwork by everyone involved and the hard work of two recreational tennis players helped this project gain the recognition it deserved. Text of The Morning News award can be seen at

The project was kicked off by a two page goal setting article in the Jan/Feb 2007 print edition of Tennis Magazine which you can read at

The goal setting article was just the launching pad. Theory and principles are needed, but proving that goal setting works by rolling up sleeves and sweating is much more compelling. Tony Lance, editor, came up with an amazing idea which I dubbed the online equivalent of reality television. Have we created a new nonfiction genre called “reality literature?”

Using top tennis coaching, sport psychology advice, solid goal setting principles, and the support of many thousands, two serious recreational tennis players, Joe Pambianco and Kellie Walters, dedicated themselves to living in a fish bowl all year by setting and achieving goals before our curious eyes. They aimed to raise their NTRP rating by year’s end. If this happened it would be an almost unheard of accomplishment within such a short time frame. But it is indeed happening!

Joe and Kellie are working very hard on court while blogging their struggles at Readers follow along and add their commentary along with the coaches, sport psychologist and editors. Joe and Kellie’s posts have been superb reality literature and many around the world are cheering them on to success despite the many obstacles in the way. With nowhere to hide, these two warriors have no choice but to fight on with courage and passion. Their efforts are inspiring others too. We are seeing tennis return as a hip and popular sport with youth. By the end of this project we will all likely see more clearly the benefits of goal setting in Joe and Kellie’s improvement and new ratings.

The Morning News is credited for noticing the quality of this project. Future projects of achievement in sports, business and arts could follow in the footsteps of this new genre which might someday be seen as having originated with Tennis Magazine online.


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