Mental Equipment Syndicated Column – Apr 1, 1997 – Dr. John F. Murray – This month, Mental Equipment targets tennis players wherever they may be with an important and straightforward message: tennis lessons are worth your every dime!

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Don’t Just Spin Your Wheels

If you do not take lessons or have a regular coach, you may be establishing faulty technique quite effectively. I see players of all levels fail to progress year to year either because they do not understand their weaknesses, or know their limitations but cannot make necessary changes! The saying “practice makes perfect” is quite misleading. Actually, practice makes permanent. Only perfect practice makes perfect! This applies to other sports and professions as well. Ongoing evaluation with “accurate” information is mandatory in any competitive quest. To ensure improvement and satisfaction in the challenging and technically demanding sport of tennis, there is just no substitute for lessons.

Find A Good Pro

Tennis professionals come in all shapes and sizes. Find one who knows the game well, communicates this knowledge effectively, and keeps up with the latest developments. Also check their professional certifications. The best pros are certified by a major tennis teaching organization such as the USPTA or USPTR, or an associated organization if outside the United States.

Trust that your pro knows what is best for your game, but don’t just sit back and take the spoon. Read about the game, attend camps and seminars, play tournaments, and bring your knowledge back to your lessons. Dare your mentor to come up with a better mousetrap for you and challenge yourself by asking good questions and keeping notes. I’m sure your pro will enjoy your lust for the game!

Should you take private or group lessons? Group lessons are typically less expensive and offer the social advantage of finding partners with a similar goal. Private instruction costs a little more (ask if there is a discount for a series of lessons) but intense and focused attention gets to the heart of the matter quickly.

Share This Message

On court instruction is vital for improvement in tennis. Sport Psychology tips complement this instruction and help supercharge performance. Regular tennis lessons combined with Sport Psychology will keep you from from spinning your wheels and put you one step above the crowd. However, no message is any good if it falls on deaf ears.

I recommend the following:

Tennis Pros: Post this article on your bulletin board or somewhere near the courts so that all members view it. Also make copies and mail to your members as a bonus to help them discover the Mental Equipment archive.

Players: Mail or hand deliver this article to your pro or coach and suggest that they follow through on the above advice. You can bet that your pro will appreciate your efforts in helping them generate more tennis activity! Everybody prospers.