Poem about being a US citizen by a 12 year old

My 12 year old daughter, Caroline, loves to write poetry. Here is her most recent poem about being a US citizen that took her no more than 5 minutes to write. Colin Kaepernick should read this ASAP.

Together we stand,
And together we fall,
Together we unite,
With love, hate, and all,

The people in the snow,
The people in the trees,
The people in the oceans,
And as far as you can see,

Walk as one,
And some may flee,
But pledge as one,
To our Country, so free,

And it may be so vague,
And to some not mean much,
But under all the blindness in the world,
Is love that remains untouched,

The good,
The bad,
The hopeful,
The sad,

All have something in common,
And we should all be glad,

Though our history will never change,
And we’ve been through hard times,
Just remember Rosa Parks’s courage,
And we’ll be free to climb high,

So we stand two by two,
And our bond shall never undo,
Because I am a citizen,
And so are you.