Dr. John F. Murray Advises Capital Hill

Dr. Murray’s Tips on Capital Hill here from the archive vault.

I recently spoke with the editors over at “The Hill” (John Solomon) the largest Capitol Hill publication. It is aimed at the 100 senators, 435 House members, 40,000 aides and tens of thousands in the influence industry whose work affects the lives of all Americans. The topic is ways to relax and beat stress after this crazy and exhausting political season. The principles apply equally well to holiday, family and financial stress. Enjoy! JFM

Political junkies, take heart: There’s a cure for post-election depression
Are you still tuning into MSNBC to hear the latest poll numbers? Have you awoken in the middle of the night shouting “Country First” or “Change We Can Believe In?”

If so, you may be suffering from a new phenomenon called post-election depression.

Take heart; there is a cure and it’s not Cialis, Abreva or Abilify. Sports psychologist John F. Murray tells ITK that all political junkies who have been wrapped up in the presidential election for the past two years need to do what Super Bowl athletes or Olympic stars do after their big events: Take a break.

The North Palm Beach, Fla.-based Murray helps top-caliber athletes come down from monumental events like Wimbledon tennis championships or Olympic gold-medal judo matches. His mantra is relaxation.

“Part of my relaxation session is to have clients go to their most relaxing place,” he said. “There has got to be a major recovery period, and some people de-stress in different ways. Some people go on vacation, some go hunting.”

Murray says junkies should take advantage of the upcoming holidays to unwind from the tense campaign season.

“You can’t completely shut down,” he says. “A little bit of exercise is a good thing, eating healthy is a good thing.”

The key is that you deal with the stress.

“If it’s unabated, [stress] can lead to disease,” Murray says. “There’s a lot of heart disease and there’s a lot of stress in this country.”

Warning: Do not heed this advice if you are pregnant. Do not hold ITK responsible for your physical well-being. Consult a physician if you feel dizzy during treatment. Relaxation may cause resentment towards your profession, colleagues and even family members.


Licensed Psychologist and Sports Psychologist Dr John F. Murray

Dr. Mrray’s “high performance psychology” helps people in a variety of challenging situations in business, sports, academics and life. He is a best-selling author & columnist, and a frequent speaker and seminar leader. His commentary appears almost daily in the media. For example, Dr. Murray recently contributed to the Boston Globe, NY Times, LA Daily News, and Newsday, and he appeared as an expert on Fox Television, MSNBC and ABC Good Morning America.