Hunger will subside if you let it

Guess it’s time for a new blog on my weight loss mission. After a great week in which I found myself already 13 pounds down, and only 37 to go to reach that magical 50 pound weight loss which will make me almost $1000 richer, I admittedly got a little lazy and a little over-confident. I ate too much, did not watch the quality of my intake, and basically treaded water for a week. Milk toast. Kissing your sister. All mediocre!

Yet one thing that has worked is occasionally skipping meals. I just had a nice solid breakfast, but I plan on skipping lunch and dinner now in anticipation of the big Monday morning weigh-in. We all went out to eat last night at the River House in Palm Beach Gardens, and I probably over-did it a little with a filet mignon, fettucini, and a little bread. No … I way over-did it! So I have to pay for this indulgence today!

Now back to that skipping meals idea. In the past they always said that was stupid. I think in an effort to help the diabetic, they began saying that we should eat 6 or 7 small meals throughout the day. Who can do that for any period of time? It is just too hard, and it is ridiculous unless you do have diabetes and that is medically advised. So I am now much more in line with the “calories in calories out” theories, and if I skip a meal, or even two every now and then, I am not going to crash the system!

But when you do skip a meal for the first time, you might find that the hunger is a bit hard to deal with. When I skipped lunch and dinner one day two weeks ago, I had nothing to eat for almost 24 hours. Around 5 or 6 pm I started getting really hungry … but guess what, the feeling passed! By 9 pm I was fine. And when I woke up to go to the bathroom at 4 am, I was not hungry at all! I learned that I was probably not really hungry earlier in the day, but my mind was telling me that. It was temporary BS!

The truth is that when you are overweight, you can probably survive on a deserted island with just water and coconuts for much longer than a skinny person. But we forget that. I have in the past been that fellow who could never skip a meal. It is just a ridiculous ritual to think that you always have to eat three meals and snacks. Hogwash. And I am going to prove that again today. No more food until tomorrow morning before my weigh in and it is only 9am now as I write this blog.

Being married to food and a prisoner to your temporary feelings of hunger is no way to live. I would much rather eventually be connected to the energy I get by being lighter, more ripped, faster, and more ready for a nice game of tennis or a jog. Right now I have no desire for those physical activities because I am overweight. So I will skip two meals and weigh in in the morning.

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Till next time … I will blog again after my weigh in tomorrow. Cheer me on now for a day of fasting!