The value of openness

As I enter my third week of 6 months in the healthy weight loss challenge at Healthy Wage dot com, I am right on track to reach my goal of 50 pounds lost by August. When I achieve that goal, I will recieve a check for $962, but this success does not come easy. It is hard work to lose 50 lbs!

So part of this blog will always be devoted to sharing with you an idea or tip to help you with your own weight loss or other goals based on what I have learned and also based on psychological reality. One such concept is the need to be open or conspicuous about your mission. The very writing of this blog is an expression of openness. I share with you my struggle, not only because I want to help you, but because by doing so it keeps me on track too.

Being open or conspicuous puts it all out there … all on the line if you will … and it leaves me very little wiggle room to make excuses or take my eye off the ball. If you keep it all private, it is far too easy to lose focus.

Being open is also the essence of good discussion and argument. I get frustrated when people these days ditch free speech and open expression for a smug “know-it-all” attitude that really knows nothing. By sharing your challenges and struggles, as well as your arguments and thought processes, others can challenge you and we all ultimately reach a higher level of truth through higher scrutiny.

As far as the eating and weight loss, one thing that has worked in the past couple weeks is occasionally skipping a meal. There were a few days where I just decided to avoid eating anything from lunch until the next morning. It doesn’t kill you, and it kind of cleans out the system if you will.

I would love to hear from some of you about your own weight loss challenges and to let me know what you think about this idea of being more open and more conspicuous in your efforts.

And again, here is the link to join me and make your own healthy wage! When you do this, $40 will be added to your prize at the end. What is so wrong with that?