I Won My First Weight Loss Challenge

This will be the final post for this Healthy Wage Weight Loss Challence series because I won! The challenge began a little over 6 months ago when I decided to wager $75 a month for 6 months, so a total payment of $450, in order to have a chance to win $962. To win this one I had to drop 50 pounds and I did it! I weighed in successfully on August 19 at 50.50 pounds less than when I began on February 22, and so I am now $512 pounds richer and feel so much better too.

How did I accomplish this? It was not easy. The company provided terrific support and the graphic showing you every day where you stand and whether you are ahead of the game or behind was golden. I would say that my motivation for weight management and weight loss increased 4 times more than usual as a result of this overall scheme. I wanted to lose weight to look and feel better, but I also wanted to win the money, or not lose the money. So it was health, desire and fear that provided this three pronged success.

How did I eat? For the first 3 or 4 months I followed a rather simple eating plan that essentially watched calories but was not very restrictive in terms of food quality. After about 4 months, however, I realized I was a little behind. In order to win the contest, I shifted my approach to a more keto or Atkins friendly diet, and avoided carbs like the plague. When I added this approach, I found that the pounds fell off much easier. While I know it was water weight, one week I weighed in a 13 pounds less than the previous week. In reality I had probably lost 5 or 6 pounds and the rest was the normal variation in water so that I was artifically heavier one week and artificially lighter the next.

There were lots of challenges along the way. Especially as I turned the corner for the homestretch in the last week or two I found that I had to pull more from desire and not give in to the previous temptations to just have one cheese stick with peperoni, or just have a yogurt that I did not need, or a piece of fruit. I was proud of myself to make it happen and it would have never happened without the structure of the healthy wage set-up.

So now that I am a weight loss professioinal because I have made money do it, my real challenge is just beginning. I already signed up for a new 50 pound challenge. Yes, I had gotten way over weight, and I needed to do it again. What is interesting this time, however, is that I am paying less per month than before ($65) for six months, and the prize at the end is $150 more than in the first challenge. I’m not sure how this happened but I will take it! I will win this one too and make about a $650 profit!

Enough about me now. How about you? If you have 20, 30, 50 or 100 pounds to lose, you can now join me by August 29 and earn an additional $40 to the end of your prize. It is all very easy to do. You sign up with the link I am going to provide you below, and you just follow their instructions. You will be creating your own healthy wage challenge and it will probably be quite different from mine. It will ask questions about your height, weight, how much you want to lose over how long a time period and how much you want to pay monthly. When you succeed, you make money. It is just that easy. But it is not really easy. About 40-45% of people succeed and the rest fail. That is how they stay in business.

I am willing to help you win with my own personal tips for free. Just call me at 561-596-9898. Below is that link I promised you. If you click on this link, and only this link, to get into the system, you will be rewarded with $40 extra dollars. Here it is:

Hope you enjoyed the story of my success. Now write your own success story, feel and look healthier, and win money!