Never too late, and I’m Roaring Back with Healthy Fear

Motivation in anything including weight loss is a combination of desire for good and fear of bad. In my case, after two months of the Healthy Wage Weight Loss Challenge in which I bet to lose 50 pounds in 6 months, that fear has become an important asset. I started pretty strong and lost a total of 17 pounds with only 33 to go about two weeks ago, but then I gained one pound the following week, and now after a trip to Disney and taking my eye big off the ball, I don’t even want to go near that scale!

In short, I am afraid. And that is a good thing for me. One week ago, I was sitting pretty at a 16-pound loss still, and perfectly on track to achieve my goal in 6 months according to the nice graphic offered by their official website, but then last week it all blew up. I overate, snacked when I should not have, had additional meals at times, and essentially took my eye off the ball. I did not go out and buy a huge pizza and eat it in all one sitting. It was more like death by a thousand cuts, where at the end of the day I just had to have that one banana, then that one piece of chesse, then that yogurt, and finally that cookie at Wendy’s late at night. It was a nightmare of horrible nutrition!

The trip to Disney this past weekend only added to the misery. My daughter loved it and she got to spend quality time with her bestie and on go on every single ride offered by this Woke culture leviathan (WEAR YOUR MASK DESPITE WHAT SCIENCE SAYS or you will be put in prison there!), but I found too many excuses to overeat, to not walk enough, and to forget all about my healthy wage mission.

I still believe that the concept of a healthy wage challenge is brilliant. But I’m now behind, and I need a great week this week. Not a good week. A great week worthy of a weight loss champion! In trying to take a nap recently, I was struck with real persistent anxiety that if I do not do something different, I am going to lose this challenge and lose almost $1000 that is waiting for me if I win.

It is important that competitors in all areas of life face defeat and the prospect of losing. It is certainly motivating me to write this blog now, and to tell you that I am indeed afraid and that I need to literally kick myself in the booty and eat only healthy meals and not snack, and never touch junk food, and occasionally fast if needed. Today is Monday and next Monday is the big weigh in. I NEED, like I have never needed before, to see significant weight loss progress, and I AM going to make it happen. Just listen to the motivation burning itself onto the screen in Calibri 11 font!

So … my message to you today is twofold. On the one hand, I am just keeping you informed about where I am in my quest to lose 50 pounds in 6 months. On the other hand, I am explaining that fear is good and that we can all use that fear to motivate ourselves to action. I cannot even fathom the prospect of telling the world that I committed to losing 50 pounds, paid a fee each month for 6 months, and then lost that fee and got no prize in return. That to me is death! I am too competitive for that. I will fight, scratch, climb, push, jump through fire, and knock down oak trees to achieve my goal. I am in fact thrilled that I am now extremely afraid instead of brain dumb which is how I spent the entire last week.

Thanks for your encouragement and please let me know if you would like to post a comment. Better yet, go ahead and post below if you wish, and I will approve it as long as you don’t use obscenity, break the law, or curse Jesus or Buddah!

To see this weight loss challenge site and to make your own healthy wager and earn $50 more toward your prize at the end, just go to this link and sign up! It is at: